About us

Established in 1992, Side•Kick International is a sales & marketing organization that specializes in bring products to market on QVC, and maintaining them for a long, healthy life.

The core of our business

  • Experience: The Side•Kick International team collectively has nearly 90 years of experience in electronic retailing.
  • Focus: Side•Kick’s focus is 100% dedicated to QVC. This dedication allows us to stay current on trends, foster relationships with category stakeholders inside QVC, and use category expertise to drive sales.
  • Strategy: By focusing on selective brands, we work tirelessly and fight vigorously for our clients. We are dedicated to making your business as profitable as it can be on QVC.


Our office is less than two miles from QVC’s US Headquarters.  Our location provides enhanced opportunities to interact with the QVC team face-to face.

Area of Expertise

  • We manage a wide range of product categories including: beauty, fashion accessories, electronics, fitness, food, garden, home improvement, kitchen gadgets, kitchen electrics and personal care.
  • Our expertise is in selling and marketing products on television, specifically QVC.